Culture and education

In the village there Socodor following schools:
- A pre-school - Kindergarten
- A school facility - school, Justin Marşieu '
Class I - VIII.
The situation in education is as follows:
- Children enrolled in kindergarten - 80
- Students enrolled in primary and secondary - 202
- Teachers in preschool education - 3
- Teaching staff in primary and secondary education - 15
- Classrooms and school offices - 13
- Laboratory School - 2
Regarding culture facilities in the village operates:
- A Cultural House - privately owned building to City Hall
- A public library.
Administrative territory of the commune Socodor works:
- An Orthodox church, situated in the center of town. Underlying land is 2216 sqm.
- A Catholic church located in the central area, the land is 1366 sqm for.
- A Baptist church which is situated in the residential area of town. The land for the building of 510 sqm.
- 7th Day Adventist Church was located in the residential area of town. Underlying land is 670 sqm.