Geographic location

Socodor village is situated in North - Western Romania, in the White Cris, near the border with Hungary
As to the administrative territory of the commune Socodor geomorphological unit belongs Western Plain of Romania, Cris Plain district, the western.
In the western and northwestern borders with the commune Socodor Pilu commune, north of Zerind commune in north-east and east of the city administrative territory Chişineu River, south of the administrative territory of the commune Simand, and the western and southwestern borders with the commune administrative territory Border.
The geographical position of the village Socodor gives particular importance in domestic and international traffic by pouring border crossing point, which allows large community links and exchange opportunities for active participation in economic life.
Subunits of relief as distinguished two stages, namely low Plain White Cris Cris and meadow. Plain low Cris is a step towards relief by tilting the southeast to the northwest and has altitudes ranging between 105 and 96 m. The village sector Socodor this field shows a tabular layout, plan, frequent depression areas, areas formerly divagation the White Cris.

Socodor village has a population of 2286 inhabitants (of which 1167 women) in 2002, falling within the group of communes in the county with a population between 1,000 and 3,000 people and has constituted a single location: Socodor - place of residence .
In terms of density, the village is 17.96 Socodor this place. / Sq.
During 1992 - 2002 shows a decrease in population from 2322 to 2286 inhabitants, decreasing by 1.02%.
Growth during 1995 - 2000 is negative with values between -47 and -1, between 1995 and 1998 and positive in 1999 and 2000. There is a relatively small increase.
During this period (1995 - 2000) mortality index is higher than birth rates, attracting higher values (1995-IM IN 26.26% versus 9.85% in 2000 - 19.66% of IM IN 13.11%).
At country level, the share of elderly population in rural areas is 24%. In the commune Socodor it varies between 16.10% in 1992 and 17.64% in 2000. Regenerative capacity of the population is when young people than elderly. As the aging index is greater than 1.00 - there is capacity for regeneration.
Socodor City is at a distance of 48 km from the city of Arad, county, and 7 km from Chişineu River, the nearest town. Link is either the county road through the village passing the national road DN 79a pouring - Pilu - Chisineu Cris and Cris in Arad to Chişineu DN 79 or track towards Arad - Chişineu River - Border.
Administrative territory of the commune Socodor operate the route, currently, the following roads:
- national road DN 79 tips - Gurahonţ - Buteni - Ineu - § icula - are great - Chisineu Cris - pouring - Hungarian border.
- DJ county road 792 linking Socodor - Nadab - Seleuş - Ineu.
- county road DJ 709 B connects Arad - Curtici - Socodor - shekel - Hungarian border.
- village road Socodor DC 118 - Forest Socodor

Socodor village is located along the national road DN 79 A tip - Gurahonţ - Ineu - § icula - are great - Chisineu Cris - pouring - Hungarian border, the Western Plain near the border with Hungary.
Socodor Municipality, the national road DN 79 A has intersection with county road DJ 709 B, with DJ 792 and DC 118. In common Socodor place the following types of traffic:
- Transit traffic:
- Traffic penetration;
- Local Traffic.
In the south of the village is carried Arad railway line - Frontier Guard. Socodor village railway station is on the rail route. As to the administrative territory of the commune Socodor river basin belongs to the White Cris, its lower sector. 

Permanent hydrographic network is composed of White River and its tributary river, lake channel.
River White River with the head of the southern slope of Bihor Mountains, around 980 m altitude drains commune Socodor direction southeast, northwest and has a dendritic shape pool with large amounts of network density and in the upper basin and with low values in the village Socodor. Generally exhibit west of the basin and White Cris explains the vast amount of precipitation it receives and ensure continuous flow of the valley network. Thus, the station recorded Chişineu River flow values average around 21.4 cm / s.
Relatively parallel with the river flowing White River channel lake has a total length of 83.5 kilometers, is separated from White River upstream of Buteni and reinstated him before pouring into town. In the commune Socodor Channel length is 9.5 km lake, the canal was dammed throughout this section. This channel is one of the anthropic type was initially arranged to supply water to mills installed hydraulic route. Over time the channel has received and other functions, that function of collector streams coming Cuiedului Hills area, water from the ponds and downstream Ineu to Socodor.

In climatic zone studied type fall-moderate continental climate, with slight Mediterranean influences.
Multi-annual average temperature is 10.6 degrees C to Chisineu Cris. Warmest month is July, with average temperature of 21.4 degrees C and the coldest month is January with average temperature of 1.4 degrees C elevation Plain Cris influences lesser extent air temperature, except during cold phenomena frequently occur when the temperature inversion, low areas with lower temperatures than the high plain areas. In the course of annual air temperature, monthly average temperatures from January to July increase and decrease, then, until January. A remarkable feature is that the spring climate zone occurs suddenly and sooner than the rest of the country.

Wind is an important climatological factor because it indicates the direction of origin of air masses that come on plain walking changing weather. The data presented show that prevailing winds in the area is the southeastern sector (13.7%) and southern (13.0%). These figures highlight the dominant influence of air masses resulting in a Mediterranean climate with a milder tone. Note is the relatively high frequency of winds from the northern sector (12.4%) and northwest (10.7%) which bring cold air masses.

Socodor municipal territory includes extensive areas of soils of good quality and very good, good crops.
In terms of subsoil resources, the municipality has no reserves Socodor exploitable resources. In the past there were unorganized mining clay to produce bricks for construction of houses burned in the localities.

Main water courses crossing the village (River and White River channel lake) are not affected by pollution, lack of pollution sources.
Because sources of air pollution and better dispersion of pollutants due to air quality in the area is good and very good. Levels of air pollutants are reduced fits in provisions on the emissions into the atmosphere.
In the absence of major sources of pollution of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems are developing normally in relation to natural conditions of climate, geology and geomorphology of the region.

Under Arrangement Plan Arad County, the village is part of the urban system Socodor City Chisineu Cris. Under the leading role it has Chisineu Cris city and village Socodor represents 4.71% of total system in 1992 and 5.05% in 2002.
Weight that is the area within the subsystem is:
- Socodor area is 5.77% of total population in 1992 subsystem and subsystem 6.19% of total in 2002.