SWOT Analysis village

- Road traffic routes of national importance, county and municipal
- Accessibility to rail
- Opening to the border crossing point, adding,
- 50% of roads are upgraded
- Network of canals, ditches and street gutters
- The existence of surface water sources
- Centralized water supply system
- Electricity supply network
- Telephone network of fiber optic cables
- Relatively good coverage of mobile telephony
- Existence of cable TV
- Existence of thermal water well
- Lack of capital for modernization of aging infrastructure
- 50% bad state of the network of roads, die
- Some of us upgraded streets
- Existing intersections between many roads are not classified properly arranged
- Lack of facilities for pedestrian walkways
- Lack of water distribution networks on all streets
- Lack of a sewage system
- No natural gas network
- Lack of central heating system
- Use limited use because the value of cable TV subscription-ments
- Limited use of computer-tional personnel to connect to the Internet system
- Nevalorificarea trunk thermal water
- Develop cross-border cooperation relations, and border towns in the vicinity for infrastructure development
- Rehabilitation of infrastructure facilities
- Equipping urban development
- The existence of the international fi-ing
- Legislation with regard to finances and assets lo-way
- Development of electronic commerce and electronic payment of taxes possible
- Application of macroeconomic policies (budgetary, monetary, fiscal) close, implying reduced resources for investment and lower public spending
- Fragmented approach to infrastructure development and waste of scarce resources among many small infrastructure projects
- Absence of clear legal and institutional framework, comprehensive and effective land use and public works pro-gramarea
- Price increases in telecommunications and transportation
- Transport infrastructure, lack of adaptation to existing demand

- Favorable geographical position
- There's PUG
- Large share of agricultural area per capita is
- Good quality agricultural land
- Tradition of agriculture
- Annual crop yields good
- Large numbers of animals in households
- Skilled labor, trained in different fields
- Availability of labor
- The existence of operators
- Lack of alternative crops and crop monoculture
- Lack of storage-recovery routes
- Failure points and pre-work collection of agricultural and livestock products
- Low productivity in agriculture caused by privately-owned land fragmentation, inadequate irrigation, small production units
- Availability of agricultural land fallow and unused in private
- Employment opportunities exist in sectors other than agriculture
- Low employment rate of population
- Lack of a database on labor supply and demand
- Availability of space and unused capacity
- A lack of incentive for the creation of SMEs
- Lack of activities for industrial type
- Insufficient yield and poor quality of agricultural products
- Lack of information in the field
- No. reduced service units
- Emergence of IFAD funds for development of small households
- Rural development funds for the SAPARD
- Availability of land to attract investors
- Farm Act
- Associations of farmers associations to create effective operation of private land
- Promote and stimulate the agricultural associations in the intensive exploitation of land
- Use advanced technologies, mechanization, extension
- Export demand for organic agricultural products
- Recovery of degraded land and Valuable
- Cooperation between local farmers and food industry
- International cooperation for improving the genetic material in animal husbandry
- Development of rural tourism
- Grants programs for SMEs
- Reduction of cultivated areas and livestock
- Lack of investor interest
- Reduction of pasture and meadow land occupied by their use in non-agricultural purposes
- Land use change
- Terenu flooding and soil erosion, agricultural countries
- Failure to work on some ground against the erosive-
- The existence of intermediaries between producers and selling their products
- Aging workforce
- Lack of information networks in agriculture
- Improper capitalization of agricultural production
- Lack of legislation on agriculture
- Preservation of traditional methods of cultivation land
- Technical plant crops waiver
- Migration to urban youth

- Position in the county town
- The indication of attraction (Forest Socodor, fishermen)
- Forest roads developed infrastructure
- Lack of resources and opportunities to promote travel
- No accommodation or other tourist accommodation facilities or
- Lack of promotion of local tourism organizations
- Lack of cooperation with tour operators
- Lack of specialized human resources in this area
- Establishment of SMEs in tourism
- The existence of legislation on the promotion and tourism development
- The prospect of hosting tourists
- Relatively simple implementation with minimum investment and a hostel
- Implementation of hiking trails
- Fear of recent foreign home
- Insufficient for use of rural tourism granted oportu-Communities
- Low investment in Turis-ing

- Drinking water quality
- Reduced pollution sources
- Good soils and high quality
- Improve the air quality area
- Normal development of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems
- The existence of fish ponds
- Reduced risk of flooding from overflowing
- There are no reserves of exploitable resources
- Lack of organic manure pits
- Uncontrolled disposal of garbage
- Insufficient green spaces and green spaces between the protective housing and cemeteries
- Lack of funds and execution of accommodation facilities for the safe storage of household waste collection and provision of services, transport and waste management both in households and agricultural activities
- There is construction and modernization projects for water purification
- Can access grants to tackle environmental problems
- Funding for projects proposed in the EU programs concerning environmental protection works
- Attracting funding sources other than the local budget for environmental work
- Introduction of tax incentives for businesses that invest in environmental projects
- Lack of correlation between national environmental law and European law
- Environmental problem is not a priority for the authorities
- Permanent risk factors environmental degradation by non law

Housing, module housing, Demographic, Social
- There are apartments that have an adequate municipal equipmentis
- New homes are constructed of durable materials and appropriate facilities
- Predominant housing type floor
- Presence of ground floor dwellings 1
- Development of alternative mobile phone
- The existence of medical office
- The existence of human pharmacy
- Preşco-lar education, primary and gimna-zial
- Specialized teachers
- Culture house
- Public library
- The existence of four buildings of worship (Orthodox, Catholic, Baptist, Adventist)
- Housing requirements do not cover people in number, living area / place as function
- Most residential buildings are made of perishable materials
- Most homes are built before 1970
- A large number of homes do not have proper equipment and technical utilities
- Declining birth
- The share of older population
- Migration to common urban youth
- Number of patients per physician
- Low equipment in medical offices
- Reduced material base of educational
- The prospect of hosting tourists drive to improve facilities
- Development of legislation to counter-ze emigration
- Increasing the number of telephones
- Raising funds for sports development and diversification of cultural activities
- Reducing the population leads to loss of interest in upgrading the living space
- Lack of facilities for local people not to leave the area
- No chance of renewing labor
- Continuing the trend of population decline